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3 plays that decided Jaguars loss to Packers

Most football games are decided by two or three plays. And the Jaguars didn't win any of the most important ones against the Packers.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Most football games are decided by two or three plays. It's a mantra we've heard repeatedly today. @JohnOehser says (and writes) it over and over and over again the mornings after games. Whoever wins those few plays typically wins the game.

And on Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars lost what I consider to be those plays.

Play #1: No-call on Allen Robinson pass interference

By itself, this penalty is a matter of a few yards and a first down. But more than that, it sets the tempo and the standard for what the referees will and won't call. If the referees call this a penalty, Green Bay's secondary plays less physical and Allen Robinson is working with more space for the rest of the game.

But it wasn't. The referees let the first play above go and then call the second one. And then they don't call the third and fourth later in the game. And the Rashad Greene one on third down of the final drive isn't called either. These plays set a trend by which the Packers followed for the rest of the afternoon.

Play #2: Aaron Rodgers turns water into wine

Not only did Jalen Ramsey have Aaron Rodgers by the jersey, but Davon House had decent coverage. This is as talented a throw as it is lucky. There's no defending this sort of play.

Play #3: A bubble screen to Allen Hurns

Gus Bradley went for it on fourth down four times on Sunday. The first three attempts were successful... Blake Bortles over the middle to Allen Robinson. This one was unsuccessful... a bubble screen to Allen Hurns.

Here's why I don't like it. First, you have Green Bay calling a timeout beforehand. You have time to get your thoughts together and call something a little more strategic in terms of matchup. Why is Allen Robinson the lead blocker when two defenders are sitting on that side of the field? Why are you calling a quick screen when the clock is stopped? Why are you calling a lateral play on a team stacking the box?

If Chris Ivory is active, going to him is an easy call. This is the exact situation for which you signed him. Unfortunately, our running game never got going because the Packers were loading the box and run blitzing all afternoon. You're perfect going to Robinson over the middle. Do it a fourth time. Do what works until they stop you.