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Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy football Q&A: Should I start T.J. Yeldon or Allen Hurns?

I got the above question three times from three different people this week.

Jacksonville Jaguars v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Tarso Doria from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Q: Who should I start? T.J. Yeldon or Allen Hurns?

A: I got this question three times this week. It’s Allen Hurns. The running game was not good last week and although I think Yeldon does better this week against a San Diego Chargers run defense that isn’t as good or as aggressive as the Green Bay Packers, but wide receivers are almost always the play over running backs in flex spots and Hurns will produce plenty more than Yeldon this weekend.

Scott from Phoenix, AZ

Q: Is T.J. Yeldon worth starting over Sammy Watkins this coming week?

A: If you’re starting Yeldon over any top-two receiver on any team, you’re doing it wrong.

Michael from Jacksonville, FL

Q: From snaps seen from preseason and the first game, who do you like more taking first team LEO reps out of Yannick Ngakoue or Dante Fowler?

A: For the season? I think it takes longer than eight games for Fowler to be good enough to supplant Yannick, so I think Yannick edges out Fowler in total LEO snaps this year. Fowler also seems to be playing slightly better run defense, so him playing the DE opposite Yannick at LEO might work for a little while.

Matt from Elkton, Maryland

Q: Let’s pretend it’s Week 8. What’s Myles Jack’s role on the team?

A: He’s playing in packaged plays built specifically for him and against situations in which his speed and versatility can excel. Probably 8-10 snaps plus whatever he does on special teams.

Hector from Bakersfield, CA

Q: Should the Jaguars sign Greg Hardy?

A: No. Never.

Jason from Orange Park, FL

Q: Does Prince Amukamara play Sunday?

A: I think so. He didn’t practice on Wednesday with a hamstring issue, but I think he pushes through it. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t at least limited in practice on Thursday.

Ryan from Dix Hills, NY

Q: I was proposed a trade: C.J. Anderson and Tyler Lockett for Jamaal Charles. After Week 1 what Spencer Ware did (granted it was against San Diego) what can we expect from Charles this season? Even with healthy Charles, has ware stolen some play time? Charles healthy could be a top running back in the league. C.J. was mediocre in 2015. What is the impact of Ware performance for the rest of Jamaal Charles season?

A: Well, when Charles comes back, he’s the guy. Spencer could run for 200 yards a game but when Jamaal comes back, it’s his team to lose. But that’s the thing... when Charles comes back. Charles was apparently practicing this week with the scout team but I don’t know when he’ll be back. Anderson, meanwhile, is gonna be scoring 15 points a game from here on out and that puts him in the top-tier of running backs. So... pull the trigger.

Jonathon from Goose Creek, SC

Q: Who to start at flex: Kelvin Benjamin, Sammy Watkins, or Jordan Matthew?

A: Kelvin Benjamin. He’s playing the 49ers. No brainer.