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Keep Choppin' Wood: Episode 8 - Jaguars vs. Chargers preview, Week 2 betting, and more with @KP_Show

On this week's episode of Keep Choppin' Wood, we talk with @KP_Show about the Jaguars vs. Chargers matchup.

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Every week, the Big Cat Country team hosts the "Keep Choppin' Wood" podcast to talk all things Jacksonville Jaguars. The regular season is upon us and it is time to get excited, y'all.

On this week's episode of Keep Choppin' Wood, we talk with @KP_Show about the San Diego Chargers, how certain we are that Joey Bosa is going to party with Blake Bortles in Southern California this weekend, Myles Jack and his lack of time on the defense, Phillip Rivers and how he matches up against the Jacksonville Jaguars secondary, and more.

We also hanxed it and cut off the recording right after @KP_Show left so you didn't get to hear the final 15 minutes where Hank and Beaux talked specifically about the Jaguars. We won't hanx it next week. (Maybe.)

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"Keep Choppin' Wood" is a (hopefully) weekly podcast about all things Jacksonville Jaguars -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hanxed it. @BeauxJaxson is your host along with @HankJoness.