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It's time for a new leader

We've been negative about Gus Bradley before, but after three miserable losing years and a disheartening loss to the San Diego Chargers, I think it's time to relieve him of his duties.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the narrative. You know the story. It's like a broken record.

The Jaguars: 9-7 talent, 4-12 coaching. This needs to be fixed now.

After a competitive, close game with Green Bay, there was hope that Jacksonville might finally have a good team; that Jacksonville might, just might, live up to the hype that was built up all offseason.

And then they got embarrassed by the San Diego Chargers by a score of 38-14. That score doesn't sound too dreadful, but if you watched the game, you know the game was over after San Diego's second drive.

With all the talent this team has, the miserable loss falls on coaching -- on Gus Bradley.

Unfortunately, nothing's going to change, folks. Jaguars owner Shad Khan is going to stick to what he said and keep head coach Gus Bradley around for the time being.

Khan has stated that he doesn't believe in firing a coach during the season. I could see him retracting that statement and letting Bradley go if there is another game as bad as the San Diego game this year, but for now, here we are.

This begs me to ask, does Khan know what he's doing?

I love what Khan has done for the city. He's upped the Jaguars worth as a team dramatically and shined a ray of hope onto the fans of this team. But considering how stubborn he is by giving a bad coach, the second worst in history to be precise after coaching a minimum of 50 games, is it not reasonable to ask if Khan is to blame here in part?

I won't comment further on Khan. I respect the hell out if him. He has given Jacksonville his all in the past four years in terms of rejuvenating hope and pride. I just question his judgement when it comes to staffing.

But back to the reason as to why this article is being written, Gus Bradley needs to go.

I love Gus Bradley as a person and motivator. He's a great person and certainly football savvy. But he's no head coach. He's unwilling to adapt to his players, rather he expects his players to adapt to his scheme. It's unrealistic. It's unfair.

Don't agree with me? Here's a stat for you: 12-38.

Gus Bradley's career record is 12-38. He's won 24% of his 50 career games. That's the second worst record for a head coach in NFL history who's coached at least 50 games.

This doesn't fall on the players. We know the team is talented. The 2015 offense was no fluke and this defense seriously looks to have taken steps. The youth on the defense -- Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue, Myles Jack and Dante Fowler Jr. -- have all displayed potential to be great. The talent is there.

I'm tired. The fans are tired. We're all over it and believe the experiment is over. Hell, #FireGus is trending on Twitter.

This fan base has been in the dumps for years. Through good and bad, thick and thin, hell or high water, these fans have stayed true to the black and teal; to the Big Cats. They deserve so much better than this.

But the only way things can get better is to call upon a new leader -- a true head coach.

We know it won't happen. We know Gus Bradley won't be fired yet.

However, that doesn't mean he shouldn't be.