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Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy football Q&A: Allen Robinson or DeAndre Hopkins?

How high are you drafting Allen Robinson? Will Luke Joeckel affect this offense's fantasy production? Who should I pick: Chris Ivory or T.J. Yeldon?

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We're trying something new here at Big Cat Country with our weekly Q&A column.

In addition to your average run-of-the-mill questions you may have about the Jacksonville Jaguars, let's talk about fantasy football. The Jaguars offense is poised to have several first-tier players with some who could take advantage on a week-by-week basis based on the matchup.

So let's talk fantasy football!

Andrew from Pensacola, FL

Q: How early should I take Allen Robinson?

A: We had an episode of the Keep Choppin' Wood podcast recently with @MattWaldman (follow him now) and he's a beast when it comes to fantasy football knowledge. He was saying Allen Robinson was a top-10 talent overall... not top-10 receiver, top-10 talent. If he's available at the bottom of your first round, I say grab him. He's not regressing any time soon and neither is Blake Bortles.

Wayne from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Should I use "It Hurns When I Pee" as my fantasy team name?

A: It depends. Is this a co-ed league, Wayne?

Gabe from Washington D.C.

Q: My league -- like a lot of others that I've seen -- does half-point-per-reception. Who's the better choice between T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory?

A: For any league, I'm going Chris Ivory. There's a lot of reasons I could give (red zone touches, efficiency near the goal line, etc...) but Allen Hurns went on Matthew Berry's podcast this summer and when asked point blank who he'd rather have on his fantasy team, he said Ivory.

Chase from Summerville, SC

Q: With Le'Veon Bell out for the first three weeks, who would you recommend I start in his place between Jeremy Hill, Danny Woodhead, or Matt Forte in a PPR league?

A: I'm assuming you have all three? I say Jeremy Hill in Week 1 against the New York Jets and then Danny Woodhead in Weeks 2 and 3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts. Play the matchups. If I'm misunderstanding you and you can only choose one, I think Jeremy Hill will have the greater production overall the first three weeks of the season.

Jesse from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Allen Robinson or DeAndre Hopkins?

A: Would you rather have the receiver who has Blake Bortles throwing him the ball or Brock Osweiler?

Matt from Buffalo, NY

Q: I have the fourth pick in my draft for a 12-team standard league, and I know the three big receivers will be gone... I want to go receiver first, and get someone who has the potential to be elite. I think Allen Robinson has that kind of potential to take the next step in his game, and I think he will be a man on a mission to prove he is. I think he could be just as good, if not better than A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, and Brandon Marshall. Do you think Allen Robinson it's crazy to take him that high?

A: I think the fourth overall pick is too high for Allen Robinson, but he led the league in catches of 20+ yards and was tied for the league lead in touchdowns. It's not like you're taking him a round or two early, you're taking him a selection or two (or three) too early.

Hank from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How will Luke Joeckel affect the fantasy performances of Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and the rest of the Jaguars offense?

A: Not as much as you might think. When I watched the replay of the Week 3 game against the Cincinnati Bengals (the only one where Luke Joeckel played left guard) his whiffs looked awful, but the offensive line as a whole wasn't bad. If the offensive line can just be average, I don't think you should be worried about Luke weakening the potential of anyone on this offense.

Makhlakh from Australia

Q: Which team would compete better in the modern NFL -- a team of dwarfs or a team of elves?

A: A team of dwarfs, easily. Power running offense, I-formation, run the dive.