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Jaguars rookie Myles Jack shined at weakside linebacker

The Jacksonville Jaguars rested a lot of starters and key players in Thursday's preseason finale against the Atlanta Falcons, but one player they made sure to get reps was rookie linebacker Myles Jack. Most of training camp and the preseason Jack had been playing the middle linebacker position, backing up Paul Posluszny, as he is expected to be the future at the position. Jack flashed a bit, but seemed to still be just a touch slow while processing everything that comes with playing the mike backer.

On Thursday however the team decided to play Jack at the position he mostly played in college at UCLA, weakside linebacker. That position currently is held down by former fifth-round pick and third year linebacker Telvin Smith, but the Jaguars are searching for ways to get Jack on the field in certain packages and one of those packages might see Smith swapped for Jack.

The experiment, for lack of a better term, of Jack at weakside linebacker instantly was a success. The very first drive of the game for the Falcons was the Myles Jack show, as he flew all around the field making all three tackles for a quick three and out. He didn't seem to be thinking as much at the weakside backer position and played more on instincts, which let him play up to speed and it showed.

It's only a matter of time before Jack forces his way into the starting lineup, be it at WLB or MLB, but it's hard to keep that talent and speed on the bench.