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Jaguars vs. Chargers: Game ball goes to Jared Odrick

No one deserves a game ball from the Jaguars vs. Chargers game, but I'm giving one to Jared Odrick for taking a stand.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I contemplated whether or not I should have even written a game ball piece after the miserable Jaguars vs. Chargers game on Sunday. No one deserves one for their on the field performance, at all.

Jared Odrick, however, deserves one for the message he conveyed on the sidelines during the third quarter.

The team is not living up to the expectations the nation set during the offseason and just about everyone is ticked off about it. You probably know my stance on what needs to happen in order for this team to ever fix it's woes, but if not, you can read what I think needs to happen here.

The bottom line is, coaching is the problem in Jacksonville. Not the players, not the scouting department, not the GM, nothing else. This team has the talent to win, but the coaching staff holds the team back. Sure, there are some good assistant guys like Jerry Sullivan, Doug Marrone, Nathaniel Hackett, and even Greg Olson, although he has had a rough start to 2016, but the blame falls on the staff as a whole and the leader of the pack: Gus Bradley.

No one will say it from the team because the team isn't going to bash on Bradley. That just won't happen, especially if he'still the head coach, as he is and will be, unfortunately, for at least a little while longer. However, that doesn't hold some people, including players, from displaying their frustrations.

Jared Odrick did just that on the sidelines during the third quarter during the Jaguars vs. Chargers game.

Odrick is taken off the field after first being penalized for an offsides penalty, which he got mouthy about in disagreement and led to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. When he is called off the field, Odrick visibly mouths off to Bradley and spikes his helmet on the ground.

Odrick continues to let his anger out and turn around to confront Bradley, but is stopped by Dante Fowler Jr. and Marcedes Lewis. It isn't clear in the second GIF as my frame isn't large enough, but Odrick is clearly on path to confront Bradley, who is half-shown on the right side of the GIF.

I am not advocating or condoning any players charging at their coaches. That's wrong and I think Odrick could have held back and I am glad that Fowler Jr. held Odrick back.

But, but, for the first time in over three years since Gus Bradley took over as coach, we've seen a player take a stand against losing. On Sunday, we watched a Jaguar, a very good, popular Jaguar, display his frustration with the losing mentality that has been surrounding this team.

Us writers at Big Cat Country have been down on Bradley for a long time and a lot of the readers do not like it. We've been called negative, insulted because we aren't media, and called dumb for thinking Bradley is the wrong guy. I don't enjoy saying "I/we told you so", but it looks like there is a Jaguars player who thinks along the same lines we are.

Odrick didn't and won't publicly state that Bradley isn't the right guy to be the head coach, but he displayed that thought on Sunday through his anger that he took out on Bradley.

Bradley may not have lost the locker room yet, but it looks like he might be on his way there.

Jared Odrick took a stand against losing. Jared Odrick took a stand against 12-38. That's why he wins the game ball.