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Jaguars vs. Chargers: Who was at fault for each sack in Week 2?

The offensive line gave up two sacks, but the offense was a mess overall.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There wasn't much to celebrate with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. The team never played the lead, the San Diego Chargers scored on their opening drive, Blake Bortles played probably the worst game of his career, and the play-calling was atrocious.

But, hey, the offensive line only gave up two sacks on 53 drop backs. That's... something, right?

Sack #1: 3rd and 13 at JAX 22, 9:00 left in 2Q

This one is pretty cut-and-dry. Right tackle Jermey Parnell gets beat on an inside move by Melvin Ingram and he's the primary cause of Bortles getting sacked here. Bortles has some trouble moving in the pocket because of T.J. Yeldon's block of blitzing cornerback Brandon Flowers, but... nah, this is Parnell.

Final verdict: Jermey Parnell

Sack #2: 1st and 10 at SD 38, 0:16 left in 2Q

This is a total breakdown of the offensive line and probably the worst snap they've played through their first two games. There's pressure from both edges, the interior push is preventing Bortles from stepping up into the pocket... just awful overall. If I'm assigning blame, it goes to Kelvin Beachum who's blocking Melvin Ingram and it's Ingram who gets his hands on Bortles, pressures him, and finishes the sack.

Final verdict: Kelvin Beachum

2016 sack totals

Name Sacks Allowed
Kelvin Beachum 2.5
Luke Joeckel 1.0
Jermey Parnell 1.0
Denard Robinson 0.5

Next up: Baltimore.