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7 of the dumbest things Gus Bradley and Todd Wash said today

Gus Bradley is an NFL head coach. Todd Wash is an NFL defensive coordinator. Because the Jacksonville Jaguars employ them, these two men get to say things to professional sportswriters and then the rest of the country gets to hear the words that come out of their mouths.

God I wish that weren’t true.

Three days after a blowout loss to the San Diego Chargers, Bradley and Wash were back at it again, saying things that either didn’t make sense or were contrary to the fundamental principles of football. Or both.

Here’s a list of things two of the most important people leading this team had to say today.

7. Todd Wash: “It was execution. One of it was my issues. I did not show them that play in practice and we had a zone blitz to it and we had a young man in a position he has never been in. I take responsibility for that one.”

This was said in regards to the defensive breakdown of Paul Posluszny covering an actual wide receiver in an NFL game. You can see it here.

How in the world can the man who literally runs the Jaguars defense say that this was anyone’s fault except his own? How can you throw your second-most expensive free agent under the bus for Paul freaking Posluszny? This isn’t Gipson’s fault. This isn’t even Posluszny’s fault. This is Todd Wash’s fault. It’s a bad matchup.

6. Todd Wash: “I thought if you take three plays away we were damn good against the run, but in the situation you can’t take those three plays away.”

Shut up.

5: Gus Bradley: “[My message to the team was] ... sweep the corners. In a room, you have to go and dig in the deep corners and do everything. It is easy to bring all the dirt to the middle.”

There are fundamental breakdowns on this team and your message was to clean up the fringe details? The Chargers were up 35-0 on you and you didn’t score until the fourth quarter.

4. Todd Wash: “[Joe Flacco’s mobility] is concerning. Obviously it is not like [Aaron] Rodgers. He has the ability to extend plays. He is not really looking to run. He is elusive in the pocket.”

3. Gus Bradley: “The yards per attempt or yards per carry with a guy like T.J. Yeldon is up there pretty decent.”

T.J. Yeldon is averaging 2.4 yards per carry. That’s good for 43rd out of 45 running backs who qualify for yards-per-carry stats.

2. Gus Bradley: “I think you look at things that need to be changed and say – what is that definition of insanity? ‘Repeating over and over again and expecting different results.’ We want to make sure we are not doing that.”

For NFL head coaches, you literally have the worst winning percentage of all-time, Gus.

1. Gus Bradley: “If this [loss] takes us to better places then at least we can hang our hat on that.”