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How has Greg Olson affected Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns in fantasy football?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ross from Jacksonville, FL

Q: With the menacing speed that we have at the wide receiver position, why are bubble screens being called? And how has offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s recent play calling affected your fantasy outlook for Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and the rest of our receivers?

A: Greg Olson came into the season knowing he had the dream scenario for WR corps. Believing that defenses will do everything possible to shut them down, Olson is attempting to get creative/tricky to get them the ball.

It clearly isn’t working.

Bortles has very little time to get the ball off, and bubble screens take a few seconds to actually develop. Hopefully he will go back to his old play calling of letting the talent do the work.

Brandon from Orlando, FL

Q: Is Blake Bortles regressing? Is his recent form in his first two games an indication of bad fantasy play this year?

A: As bad as Bortles has looked as an NFL player, his fantasy stats aren’t. If the Jaguars continue to give up big plays, they will consistently be playing from behind, which is where Bortles fantasy value skyrockets.

Carrie from Greensboro, NC

Q: If and when Chris Ivory returns this week, is he a better play in fantasy than T.J. Yeldon? He’s coming off an injury, but he’s definitely better than Yeldon.

A: While Yeldon has been wildly inconsistent, Ivory is no savior. Not only will it take at least a game or two for him to adjust to game play, but the offensive line is really struggling for any running back to be successful.

Only Jaguars Fan from Port Arthur, TX

Q: When is the Gus Show gonna finally come to an end?

A: Hopefully after London.

Scott from Phoenix, AZ

Q: Who would you start: Will Fuller, Allen Hurns, or T.J. Yeldon? I have Derrick Henry too, but I’m not sure he should leave my bench. I think this has a potential sleeper week for him playing Oakland. Thank you in advance!

A: I think this may be an opportunity for Hurns. There is potential for a shootout with the Ravens, and their secondary is suspect to big plays.

Wyatt from Bright Hope, FL

Q: Who should I start this week: Drew Brees or Joe Flacco?

A: Drew Brees. Always Drew Brees.