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5 questions with the enemy: “Mike Wallace could take over this game”

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Thanks to Kyle Barber from @BMoreBeatdown for answering these questions ahead of this Sunday’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens.

1. First things first... how the hell are y'all 2-0?

The Ravens are 2-0 by a combination of playing weaker teams mixed with a healthy Ravens squad strong enough to close out games. Last season by Week 1 the Ravens had already lost both their starting left tackle (E. Monroe) and linebacker (T. Suggs). Now, they're capable of scoring points either on the ground or through the air, while also stopping drives defensively. The Ravens really built themselves team chemistry last season, but didn't have the skill level to finish. Now, they possess great players on both sides of the ball and really drive home the effort to win.

2. The big talk in Jacksonville this week (as it has been for many weeks) is firing Gus Bradley. What's the perception of Gus Bradley and the Jaguars up in Maryland? Do y'all think he's as trash as we do, or have people not heard that yet?

I don't think people are really focused on Gus Bradley in Maryland. Between the O's fighting off and on for a playoff spot and Ravens football back they don't discuss the Jaguars. My opinion: Gus Bradley has done a great job building a talented roster on paper but now the team needs to execute. Bradley should lose the job if he can't get Jacksonville in the win column, as that roster is truly capable of many victories.

3. Is there a Jaguars player on either side of the ball that you say, "If the Ravens don't stop him, we're in trouble"?

I'd say Allen Robinson, but if the Ravens only let him catch passes they could still win. The Ravens need to neutralize Blake Bortles. If the Ravens really make Bortles uncomfortable in the pocket they undoubtedly can find a way to win this upcoming game. He has many receiving threats and if he can connect Baltimore could find themselves in trouble.

4. Can you give us one player on offense and one on defense who fly under the radar but who you think will play a critical role in determining the winning team on Sunday?

Mike Wallace. Though people are now realizing he is the real deal, it's worth mentioning once more. Three touchdowns in two games, and only one coming from the deep ball. I was able to watch him all training camp and he is no one-trick pony. With a full route tree, dynamic speed and a knack for the ball expect Mike Wallace to be a threat once more. Defensively, Michael Pierce. He's an UDFA with great play-making skills. He's helped the defensive line create pressure consistently alongside Timmy Jernigan and Brandon Williams.

5. What's gonna happen on Sunday? Will it be a back-and-forth matchup? Will the Jaguars disappoint again? Will the Ravens get their first loss of the year?

I believe this could be a high-scoring affair. The Ravens are finally getting in the groove of things. Last game they dug a 20-0 deficit, yet closed out the game 25-20. They know how to score, and have for the first time in Ravens history a surplus of offensive weapons. Meanwhile, they were being sliced up by Josh McCown & Company. If not for some timely turnovers the Ravens would be sitting 1-1. Bortles and his skill position players are a much more sound unit than Josh McCown and his teammates. This matchup has a real opportunity for offense.