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This is a team that doesn't know how to win

The Jaguars don’t know how to win, and that won’t change until something does.

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You know what I’m about to say.

In fact, instead of saying it, I’ll just post some of my tweets here to sum it up:

So yeah. You know what I want. I want Gus Bradley gone.

The Jaguars don’t know how to win. This team has been built on so much youth, and although that sounds like a good thing — that this group of players has been together from the get-go, maybe that isn’t a good thing considering the situation.

These young, young players have built chemistry and grown with each other as they enter their fourth year under the Gus Bradley regime. They know nothing other than Gus Bradley football...

...They know nothing other than a losing atmosphere.

I’m no longer listing Gus Bradley’s problems, because we all are aware that he is a bad coach.

Rather, I’m describing what his influence has done to this young team.

We saw flashes of greatness last year from the Jaguars offense. We’ve seen a much steadier defense this year than in year’s past — not by solid scheme play, but by the talent that’s there.

But this Jaguars’ team has yet to learn how win. I think my tweet says it all:

“Average coaches teach the fundamentals. Good coaches teach you discipline. Great coaches teach you how to win.”

The Jaguars have barely learned the fundamentals under Bradley. You see that on the field: Repeated miscues, bad reads, consistent mistakes.

The Jaguars have not learned to be disciplined players on the field under Bradley. They are one of the most penalized team’s in the league.

The Jaguars have not learned how to win under Gus Bradley. 12-39.

I’ll constantly repeat it, the Jaguars are a very talented team. However, the talent has begun to regress under poor leadership. The talent can only do so much on the field, and the lack of leadership from the head coach — the leader of the team — is really, really hurting them.

It’s been 51 games and the team still doesn’t know how to win. At this rate, they never will. Something must change before all is lost.