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Allen Robinson explains ‘don’t shoot’ gesture regarding police shootings after scoring touchdown

Add Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson to the list of professional athletes using their platform to raise awareness of systemic justice issues in America.

At the end of the first half, Robinson scored a four-yard touchdown to close the Jaguars’ deficit to 10-7 to the Ravens. After the score, Robinson threw the ball into the crowd and raised his hands in a “don’t shoot” gesture, according to Mike Kaye of First Coast News.

“Just bringing awareness to a situation that’s become problematic in our, my culture,” Robinson said on Monday. “I think for us, when you see players taking stands, our culture is a reflection of our reality. The things that we do are a reflection of our reality.”

“It’s people saying it’s not as big of a problem or things like that, then obviously they’re not seeing that. So it’s not a problem for them or their culture, it does not affect them. I don’t want to speak on anyone else’s behalf and signify something that may not be a problem in their culture.”

You can read all of Robinson’s comments about his “don’t shoot” gesture after the touchdown here.