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Jaguars vs. Ravens: Who was at fault for each sack in Week 3?

The Jaguars didn’t allow a sack until the middle of the fourth quarter, but when it got bad it got bad quickly.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Here’s the good news from the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line in the 19-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens: they didn’t give up a sack until the middle of the fourth quarter.

The bad news? They gave up three in half a quarter.

The offensive line held up for most of the game when it came to pass protection (run blocking is a different story) but they regressed hard when the Ravens could pin their ears back and rush in obvious passing downs.

How did each sack look and who was responsible?

Sack #1: 1st-and-10 at JAX 31, 11:07 left in 4Q

Luke Joeckel driven backwards. Good straight-ahead rush by Terrell Suggs.

Final verdict: Luke Joeckel

Sack #2: 2nd-and-12 at JAX 29, 10:25 left in the 4Q

Prayers up, Brandon Linder.

Final verdict: Tyler Shatley

Sack #3: 2nd-and-4 at JAX 31, 1:02 left in the 4Q

This was all Blake Bortles. There’s a minute left in the game, you’re down by two, you’re out of the pocket -- throw the damn ball away.

Final verdict: Blake Bortles

2016 sack totals

Name Sacks Allowed
Kelvin Beachum 2.5
Luke Joeckel 2.0
Jermey Parnell 1.0
Tyler Shatley 1.0
Blake Bortles 1.0
Denard Robinson 0.5

Next up: Indianapolis.