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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Who is to blame for Ravens loss?

Everyone, Bill. Everyone.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Who's to blame for Jacksonville Jaguars loss to Baltimore Ravens? -
Who is to blame for the #Jaguars loss on Sunday? Mike Kaye talks with Katie Jeffries about the big issues for the Big Cats.

Allen Robinson explains "don't shoot" gesture after touchdown -
Add Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson to the list of professional athletes using their platform to raise awareness of systemic justice issues in America. At the end of the first half, Robinson scored a four-yard touchdown to close the Jaguars’ deficit to 10-7 to the Ravens. After the score, Robinson threw the ball into the crowd and raised his hands in a "don’t shoot" gesture, according to Mike Kaye of First Coast News.

Blake Bortles: Preseason hype is "completely gone" for the Jaguars -
The season is less than a month old, but for many Jacksonville Jaguars fans it feels like it’s finished. Quarterback Blake Bortles understands that – heck, he even agrees he’s a big reason why – but he’s still optimistic the Jaguars can overcome their 0-3 start. It will take some serious gut checking and soul searching, and it has to happen before the Jaguars head to London for Sunday’s game against Indianapolis.