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6 things the Jaguars need to do in this Colts game

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, the Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-3.

The unbounded optimism of the fans that so long ago filled every nook and cranny of the internet has been replaced by an angry, insatiable desire to fire everyone. There's a lot of things to be angry about. From the players under-performing to the woefully poor coaching, the Jaguars' 2016 season has been awful.

Here are six things the Jaguars need to do in order to save the season, and get back on track.

1. Replace Paul Posluszny with Myles Jack

The Jaguars need Myles Jack's speed, athleticism, and energy, to say the least. The Colts are coming to London with Andrew Luck, an elite quarterback both through the air and on the ground. The Jaguars will need Myles Jack to act as a spy at times, and be on the lookout for not only any scrambles, but also cover the shallow crossing routes that have so plagued our defense in recent memory.

Jack could also prove valuable in covering the Colts tight ends, specifically Dwayne Allen and Jack Doyle.

It's clear that whatever the Jaguars are doing right now is not working, so why not put Jack in, even if he's "struggling to grasp the playbook?" No doubt Posluszny is a good linebacker when asked to play in the box, but the Jaguars need Jack if they want any shot at turning this season around.

2. Stop throwing passes at or behind the line of scrimmage

The Jaguars need to completely abandon the screen game if they want to salvage this season. It's clear that opposing defenses recognize whenever Olson calls a screen, because they are on it from the snap. In addition, our offensive line and wide receivers cannot stay on their blocks and run downfield effectively. Part of this is the weird formations that Olson calls (ahem, the formation on 4th-and-1 to Allen Hurns), but another part is our blockers' inability to maintain blocks and reach the second level of a defense. The Jaguars need to quit wasting downs trying to get the screen game working, because clearly this team is not built for it.

3. Become a more pass-heavy offense

Yes. You read that right. I think it's time for the Jaguars to fully embrace their inability to run the ball, and focus on being a purely passing team. So far, the Jaguars have rushed 58 times for 165 yards, good for a 2.8 yards-per-carry average. 58 times is a large enough sample size for us to predict how the rest of the season will go, unless something changes.

The Jaguars need to quit trying to be a physical, running team. They aren't that. Instead of running to set up the pass, the Jaguars must pass to set up the run.

4. Put Jalen Ramsey on T.Y Hilton

I think Jalen Ramsey has Hall Of Fame potential. I'm not afraid to say it. His potential is through the roof, and there has been nothing so far to indicate that he's going to be anything less. As a rookie, Jalen might be the best cornerback in the league. He's allowed only 10 catches for 63 yards on the season. Those are elite numbers.

Ramsey must shadow T.Y Hilton if the Jaguars are going to turn this season around. Donte Moncrief is out, and T.Y is the only deep threat the Jaguars have to account for. You have to see just how far Jalen's ceiling is, so they must match him with Hilton, who is a very good receiver in his own right. It's time to see if Jalen can handle the duties associated with being an elite corner, and I think he's up for the challenge.

5. Throw the kitchen sink at them and blitz

It's a virtual certainty that Gus will be fired if the Jaguars lose this game, so why not go out with guns blazing? If I were Wash, and I knew that my buddy had a good chance of being fired, I'd blitz the heck out of the Colts. Make them adapt to your scheme. Force them to adjust. Make the Colts respect you. Dictate what they do as an offense. I would blitz the Colts on about half their plays, similar to Rex Ryan's blitz frequency over his time with the Jets. The Jaguars have nothing to lose, so why not?

6. Fire Gus Bradley, no matter the result

The best thing for the Jaguars is to fire Gus Bradley and get a head start on the dismantling of the coaching staff. When your franchise quarterback seems to be disgruntled and regressing to new lows, it's time to restart.

When two members of your veteran defensive line subtly hint their frustration at the coaching staff, it's time to restart.

When you're 12-39 and producing the same results with a far more talented roster, it's time to restart. If nothing else than to inject a burst of energy into the fan base, Shad Khan must fire Gus Bradley and promote Doug Marrone.

The players will receive a boost of energy, and will want to play harder if nothing else than to save their jobs -- and who knows? Perhaps the Jaguars will be able to piece together a couple of wins in a row and make a run deep into December.

I'm looking forward to a competitive matchup between two division rivals. Perhaps this is Gus Bradley's swan song? If so, I wish him best of luck in anything he decides to pursue and appreciate his efforts in coaching us through perhaps the worst era in franchise history. It's time to bring winning back to Jacksonville, and I'm eagerly awaiting to see what Shad Khan does after this Sunday with great intrigue.