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Todd Wash says Jaguars have to figure out how to use Myles Jack

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash on Wednesday said the team has to find a way to get second-round pick rookie linebacker Myles Jack on the field. Currently Jack is the backup linebacker, so as long as Paul Posluszny is healthy and the coaching staff has trust in him, Jack will be limited to special teams. Though, Wash kind of finally cracked the door on the team forcing ways to get Jack on the field.

"It's a situation we're going in obviously each week is different about what we're doing. He's learning a couple different positions, maybe some other positions also besides that where you could see him on the grass a little bit sooner," Wash told reporters on Wednesday. "But with the level that those two [Paul Posluszny and Telvin Smith] are playing at the MIKE and the WILL spot, it's tough and he's such a great football player. He understands that those guys in front of him are playing well, but we got to find a way to get him on the grass."

Probably related but not as much as my cynical self wants to believe, it's funny that the Jaguars say this now when there are only four healthy linebackers right before the team jets off to London. Shouldn't this have been something they figured out during training camp and the preseason?

None the less it sounds like the Jaguars are finally going to be looking for packages to get Jack on the field, which will inject even more athleticism into the defense.