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Jaguars claim Arthur Brown, Tyrone Holmes claimed by Browns

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline has passed and waiver claims from around the NFL are starting to trickle out. The Jacksonville Jaguars have decided to claim two players and a player they released that a lot of fans questioned and didn't think would make it through waivers claims, didn't make it through waiver claims.

It's not a real surprise the Jaguars ended up claiming a linebacker, especially being Arthur Brown. Brown was someone who was highly thought of in the NFL Draft the year he was picked, but never really seemed to "get it" in the Ravens 3-4 defense. He seemed to be a much better fit in a 4-3 front and it will be interesting to see how the Jaguars use him.

Huff, I don't really know too much about.

On the sad news of the day, as many including myself though, Tyrone Holmes did not clear waivers so he can't be signed to the practice squad. I hope Chris Smith ends up being good, because Holmes had a ton of upside as a pass rusher. Braedon Bowman was also someone I thought would make the team, bu he was claimed by the Jets.

Update: As expected, the team cut Joe Banyard to make room for Arthur Brown.