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Keep Choppin' Wood: Episode 7 - Jaguars vs. Packers, Force Players, and 2016 NFL predictions

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Every week, the Big Cat Country team hosts the "Keep Choppin' Wood" podcast to talk all things Jacksonville Jaguars. The regular season is upon us and it is time to get excited, y'all.

On this week's episode of "Keep Choppin' Wood", we talk with @JuMosq about Force Players and who makes a good edge rusher in the NFL (*cough* not Dante Fowler *cough*) as well as dive into his formula a little bit, preview the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Bay Packers season opener, make stupid NFL predictions for the 2016 season, trash the Oakland Raiders, and more.

This week's show is over 90 minutes and for that we are sorry not sorry.

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"Keep Choppin' Wood" is a (hopefully) weekly podcast about all things Jacksonville Jaguars -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the hanxed it. @BeauxJaxson is your host along with @HankJoness@ryaneatscake, and @zach_goodall.