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Weekly fantasy football Q&A: T.J. Yeldon vs. Chris Ivory vs. Giovani Bernard

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

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Elliot from Sydney, Australia

Q: Hello from Australia, Big Cat Country! I've been a big fan for a while now. I drafted Blake Bortles for the second year in a row now, and I have tremendous faith in his ability and his target's abilities. Yet, every article that I see these days says he is overrated. Is he worth starting this week? Is he worth keeping for the season? Or should I look for some trade options? I have some nice, nice receivers. Cheers

A: Making a case for fantasy, if anything, Bortles is underrated. Many are down on the quarterback for the 2016 season based on an improved defense and more balanced offense that should limit the amount of throws Bortles attempts.

Not only is Bortles worth starting in Week 1 vs. Green Bay, but he is definitely worth keeping for the season if all of the other moving parts for the Jaguars fall into place early.

Pete from Gainesville, FL

Q: Who will be the highest performing players fantasy-wise for the Jaguars in these first three games?

A: The Jaguars want/need to establish the run game early, so Chris Ivory will be a great flex play, especially for goal line carries. Allen Robinson most certainly will see double coverage, so expect both Allen Hurns and Julius Thomas to see early targets.

Irm from Miami, FL

Q: I currently have T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory as my two starting running backs. Should I keep that lineup or swap either or for Giovani Bernard?

A: While stacking running backs can somewhat be effective, you'll want to capitalize on total volume, so I would definitely switch one of the Jaguars running backs with Gio Bernard. If your league is PPR, I would sub out Chris Ivory, and vice versa if it's a standard league.

Chad from Jacksonville, FL

Q: I have a dilemma at my No. 2 receiver spot. I'm in a PPR league and drafted stud running backs and tight ends and have Jordy Nelson, Davante Parker, Tajae Sharpe, Will Fuller, and Devin Funchess at receiver. Jordy Nelson is my No. 1 receiver (it'll be a conflicting Week 1) but who should I go with for No. 2?

A: It's really difficult starting a rookie on the first week of the season, but Will Fuller has an opportunity to be a sneaky play. He's facing a Chicago Bears secondary which is sub-par at best. Davante Parker is not only facing a nagging injury but the Seattle Defense. Fuller is a high ceiling play, which could absolutely be worth it.

Mark from Portadown, North Ireland

Q: I keep picking Jaguars players in fantasy football... Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, Chris Ivory, Allen Hurns, T.J. Yeldon. Am I just being a big homer or will these guys be able to stack me up points like I hope?

A: Great to see your commitment to the team! There's one major outlier to the success of the all the Jaguars offensive weapons, and that's the offensive line. If they prove that not only can they protect Bortles and let the play develop, but also create the necessary holes to establish a run game, the Jaguars weapons should be a great value this season.

Adam from Fleming Island, FL

Q: Okay, I need to choose between Phillip Rivers and Alex Smith as well as Jeremy Langford or Ameer Abdullah. Finally would you flex the loser between the running backs over Brandin Cooks?

A: Phillip Rivers is always the choice over Alex Smith, always. He's not afraid to throw the rock, whereas Alex Smith is much more of a game manager and king of the check down.

Jeremy Langford is definitely the play vs Ameer Abdullah. Jon Fox of the Chicago Bears is a conservative, run-first coach, and will be looking to establish that early. While Abdullah can be a good play, the Lions vs. the Colts has all the makings of a shootout, which will limit touches for Abdullah in Week 1.

Finally, Brandin Cooks in the flex is a must. Drew Brees will be throwing all day vs. the Raiders.

TJ from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is it worth rostering Eli Rogers over Marcus Wheaton?

A: It's a very deep sleeper move, but if you have the bench space, yes. Marcus Wheaton is just not good. He's had every opportunity to excel in a high-paced offensive, but always finds a way to digress.

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