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Jalen Ramsey felt ‘caged’, doesn't endorse coaches

According to Jalen Ramsey post game, he wasn’t happy with how he was used this year

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

In the same year that the ‘albino tiger’ finally got out of his cage, some Jaguars players feel like they were put in one. We talked before about how Dante Fowler called himself a ‘caged animal’, and now fellow defensive teammate Jalen Ramsey has labeled himself in a very similar fashion.

I love Jalen Ramsey. Not only did he have an incredible rookie season, but he is upfront and honest in the media. As you can see from Brent Martineau’s transcript, Ramsey didn't hold back with his assessment of this defense and these coaches. Ramsey mentions how he was caged this year, and not allowed to fully be the playmaker he knows he is. He was also very frank about how he feels this team needs a total makeover when it comes to the coaching staff.

As mentioned before, this is the second time we’ve heard a player on the Jaguars defense talk about how they felt they were held back this year. Tashaun Gipson also echoed similar sentiments to the media after the game. Many fans have questioned whether some of this current Jaguars coaching staff should be retained under the new head coach, but it’s starting to become clear that certain players feel sweeping changes are necessary.