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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Todd Wash needs to deal with disgruntled players

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Wash’s first responsibility should be dealing with disgruntled players -
One of the first things that Todd Wash has to do now that he has been retained as the Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator -- even before he decides if he's going to continue to run the same scheme or scrap it for a more traditional 4-3 -- is deal with some disgruntled players.

Jacksonville Jaguars looking to establish accountability, direction with new leadership trio -
There seemed to be something missing - other than victories - with the previous Jaguars regime. A first time general manager, Dave Caldwell, was paired with a first time head coach, Gus Bradley. Both were hired by an inexperienced owner in Shad Khan. There was a lot of learning done on the job. I'm sure all three would admit that to you. There wasn't a calm, confident presence overseeing the venture from the start. That may have been a large reason for the Jaguars' inability to find success over the last four years.

5 thoughts on all the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching hirings and firings -
On Monday the Jacksonville Jaguars officially announced that they would be promoting interim head coach Doug Marrone into the full time position, hiring Tom Coughlin as the executive vice president of football operations and giving general manager Dave Caldwell a two-year extension. The moves were met with mixed reactions that had a lot of peaks and valleys, but the overall feeling with all the moves seemed to be a resounding... “What?”