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Tom Coughlin already influencing coaching hires?

According to Alex Marvez, Doug Marrone isn't getting full say about his coaching staff.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars just wrapped up their press conference to introduce Tom Coughlin as executive vice-president of football operations, as well as Doug Marrone as head coach. During the presser, both men mentioned how they will all work as a team to make any decisions regarding the Jaguars, though Coughlin will have final say. According to Alex Marvez, that approach is already being implemented regarding filling out the Jaguars coaching staff.

There a few things to take away from this. First, and this is mere speculation on my part, I don’t think the first one about blocking Marrone from hiring Henderson is as bad as it sounds. Some folks on Twitter are already suggesting that there is a power struggle if the EVP is blocking the head coach from hiring someone he wants. My guess is that it was more of a dialogue, with Coughlin not approving of the hire, than a verbal fight between the two. Again, just speculation, based on how the two interacted at the press conference.

Second, I think the tweet about Marrone wanting to hire Crossman should be a breath of fresh air for Jaguars fans, assuming it’s for the special teams coordinator position. Mike Mallory has held that post for four years now, and the Jaguars special teams units under his watch have been a disaster. Mallory was a guy we had yet to hear news on regarding his future, but this might be giving us a little clarity.

Finally, I think that the final tweet shows a wise decision by Coughlin. Instead of just keeping members of the old staff in place, interview some outside candidates as well, and make sure you have the guy you really want. If there’s one thing that’s a certainty based on today’s press conference and these reports, it’s that the status quo will not be tolerated going forward.