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NFL relocation: The Jaguars aren’t moving to San Diego either

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We get that losing a team takes a toll on you — but no matter how many times you tweet at us, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t moving to San Diego.

Just 24 hours after making the move to Los Angeles official, San Diego media people from 10News started taking their frustrations out on us. First, there was Jason, with the far-too-detailed analogy of how San Diego is the “HOT single girl” (emphasis on the HOT) and the Jaguars are looking to break a couple of commandments.

I’m confused, Jason. If San Diego (the city) is a girl in your scenario, why isn’t Jacksonville (the city) a girl also? Or is it implied these are non-traditional relationships we’re dealing with here? How very progressive of you, Jason.

And then there’s Mark from the same 10News channel, purporting that San Diego is greater than Jacksonville (at least mathematically) because... well, I guess that’s also implied too.

And why does Mark include the #ChargersToLA hashtag? That just seems like self-inflicted insult to injury.

Either way... no, Jason and Mark. The Jaguars aren’t moving to San Diego just like they didn’t move to St. Louis when the same damn thing happened last offseason and everyone claimed we’d be moving west.

San Diego is a fine city. Your owner is just an asshole. There’s no need to drag us into this.