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Approval poll: Do you like Nathaniel Hackett as the Jaguars offensive coordinator?

Do you like Nathaniel Hackett staying as the offensive coordinator? Or should the Jaguars have gone a different direction?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have kept last year’s offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett after choosing him over former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly to be their next offensive coordinator.

Kelly was in talks to be the new Jaguars offensive coordinator, as first reported by Hays Carlyon of

Although Hackett was on the staff last year under former offensive coordinator Greg Olson, he will bring a new offensive scheme to this team. We weren’t able to see it last year because Gus Bradley was still the head coach and he only had nine games to prove himself, but the wrinkles he brought into the offense helped the team immediately get better in the run game. In seven games under Olson, the team rushed for 72.6 rushing yards per game. In nine games under Olson, the team rushed for 124.8 yards per game.

What do you think? Was Hackett a good hire by the Jaguars? Or did the team need to go in a new direction with a question mark at quarterback, a lackluster running game, an offensive line that needs repair, and an underperforming group of receivers and tight ends?