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Davon House: Jaguars coaches had ‘something personal against me’

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff looks to be on its way out in the next few weeks and the dirty laundry is being aired out by players. The latest player to take out his frustrations on the coaches isn’t surprising — veteran cornerback Davon House said he believes the coaches “had something personal” against him and said he couldn’t ever get an answer as to what that was.

While House did have a disappointing season and underperformed, it’s curious that there wasn’t more communication with the cornerback. And House isn’t the first player to vent and he likely won’t be the last. Dante Fowler said he felt like a “caged animal”. Jalen Ramsey said he felt “caged” this year as well and specifically pointed fingers at the coaches. Tashaun Gipson called himself a “babysitter” and said he was miscast in this scheme.

It’s telling that all these players are defensive players and with the exception of Fowler they’re defensive backs. It certainly doesn’t reflect well on defensive coordinator Todd Wash and should put to bed any notion that he should be retained by whatever head coach the Jaguars go with next — promoting Doug Marrone or otherwise.