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Matt Patricia a candidate for Jags, according to report

Josh McDaniels may not be the only New England coordinator interviewing in Jacksonville.

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Add one more name to the list. Acording to Doug Moore, Josh McDaniels may not be the only New England coordinator to interview with the Jaguars.

Patricia is a name that has gained a lot of steam for head coaching gigs recently. He has served as the Patriots defensive coordinator for the last five seasons, and is known for his intelligence and ability to create and input multiple defensive schemes.

Patricia rose through the ranks with New England, starting in 2004 as just an offensive coaching assistant. After spending many years gaining Bill Belichick’s trust, and proving himself with his hard work and dedication, Patricia kept earning himself higher and higher positions. He has served as an assistant offensive line coach, a linebackers coach, a safeties coach, and obviously as defensive coordinator.

This would not be Patricia’s first head coaching interview, as the Cleveland Browns interviewed him last offseason before eventually hiring Hue Jackson. While Patricia’s name has been becoming hotter and hotter, he doesn't seem like what a preferential candidate for the Jaguars would look like. Many people speculate that the Jags would value someone with past head coaching experience, which Patricia is obviously lacking. However, if he impresses in his interview, it’s entirely possible that he could be the next head coach in Jacksonville.