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Los Angeles Chargers name Gus Bradley defensive coordinator

gus bradley

The now Los Angeles Chargers have named former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley as the new defensive coordinator.

Bradley was hired in 2013 to completely rebuild a Jaguars team that wasn’t very good. He partnered with general manager Dave Caldwell and the two went to work building this team from the ground up — releasing every single player from before they were hired with the exception of tight end Marcedes Lewis, linebacker Paul Posluszny, quarterback Chad Henne, and defensive lineman Tyson Alualu.

But the experiment has failed. The franchise quarterback in Blake Bortles looks lost, the team’s best offensive player in Allen Robinson is bad, and there were just 14 wins in 55 games — which makes Bradley, statistically speaking, the worst head coach in the modern era of the NFL.

Bradley is looked at as a better defensive coordinator than head coach, but... why? Pete Carroll was the brain child of that Seahwaks defense and Gus was little more than a sales manager.

Hey, but maybe it will work out with the Chargers, right? Go Chargers.