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1999 AFC Championship game: Watch the full Jaguars vs. Titans game

Mark Brunell #8

In honor of the 2017 AFC Championship game being played today, we bring you the greatest Jacksonville Jaguars team to ever play in a conference title game — the 1999 Jacksonville Jaguars hosting the Steve McNair and Eddie George led 1999 Tennessee Titans game.

It still pains me to even think about this game, especially considering then-Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams admitted to having the Jaguars’ playbook and offensive game plan years after, according to former Jaguars defensive lineman Renaldo Wynn.

This Jaguars team was stacked with Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, and Keenan McCardell and an offensive line built on protecting quarterback Mark Brunell, who was in the prime of his career. On defense, this team had Tony Brackens, the most gifted defensive end in this team’s history, and a secondary that helped contribute to a double-digit point differential and turnover margin.

How this team, ranked by Sports Illustrated as one of the top-10 teams in NFL history to never win a Super Bowl, didn’t win this game boggles the mind. And how the Titans got away with the Music City Forward Pass against the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round that year is beyond me.