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2016 Jaguars roster review: Quarterbacks

The Jaguars have a bad quarterback, y'all.

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In what has to be considered the weak spot of the Jacksonville Jaguars 2016 season, at least from a personnel standpoint, the quarterbacks this past year were... not good. Starter Blake Bortles looked like a rookie again, struggling all year with inaccuracy, poor mechanics, and bad decision making. The Jaguars offense was expected to be the strong point of the team, much like it was in 2015. However, unlike 2015 when Bortles threw for 35 touchdowns, the offense sputtered behind his struggles, and his touchdowns dropped to just 23. Bortles also continued being turnover prone, tying for fourth in the league with 16 interceptions

Outside of Bortles, Brandon Allen saw no action all year. He was firmly entrenched as the team’s third-stringer. Chad Henne also saw no action as Bortles’ backup, outside of a singular epic kneel-down before half time in Detroit, when Bortles was being examined for an injury.

Final Grade



Entering in the final few weeks of the season, the outlook for the Jaguars quarterbacks looked awful. Bortles looked like a bust, Henne is a career backup, and Allen is a sixth-round pick who has yet to show anything of significance. However, Bortles looked improved in the final two games of the season, after Gus Bradley was fired and Doug Marrone took over. There was also the revelation after the season ended that former offensive coordinator Greg Olson did not approve of Bortles seeking outside help in the offseason. This lead to Bortles’ mechanics issues, and while they weren't the only problem, they were a big problem for him that seemed to compound issues.

This at least gives some hope for Bortles moving forward, but the team should still bring in an alternative. Luckily, they have plenty of cap space for a free agent, and top-of-the-round picks if they want to draft someone. There’s also the outside chance of trading for somebody, like Jimmy Garoppolo or Brett Hundley.

Whatever route they choose, they cannot just count on Bortles still being the guy, even if they believe he can be.