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2016 Jaguars roster review: Special teams

The punter and kicker were dependable, but the coverage and return units were awful.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images


On the surface, the Jacksonville Jaguars special teams unit evened out to be quite average — not great, but serviceable. Jason Myers was in the bottom-third of the league with a sub-80 percent kicking percentage, Brad Nortman and the punt coverage unit were middle of the road when it came to their 41.6 net average, and while the 23.8-yard kick return average was tied for seventh-best in the league, the 5.5-yard punt return average was worst in the league.

Like I said, average.

But when you factor in that Myers attempted 12 field goals of 50 yards or more — most in the NFL by far — and that he missed just two kicks that were 49 yards or less, that’s pretty reliable. And the kickoff coverage did well this year, giving up just 21.0 yards per return, just outside of the top 10 units in the NFL.

Final grade



The Jaguars gave up 12.5 yards per punt return. That has to get better. But other than that, it’s a mixed bag that depends on coverage units getting better for the overall unit to move into something above average. Myers and Nortman aren’t liabilities by any stretch of the imagination and if they have a better team around them this unit will be fine.