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Jaguars reportedly sold on Doug Marrone’s ‘belief’ in Blake Bortles

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

In the least surprising Jacksonville Jaguars news of the day, the people responsible for picking a new head coach chose a guy who likes the under-performing quarterback they drafted No. 3 overall.

According to Marc Sessler (and Ian Rapoport), the Jaguars were sold on two major things — they “liked the direction” the offense was going under Marrone and his “belief” in Blake Bortles.

First, the thing about the offense: Marrone had this team for two weeks. In the first week, the offense had its best game in the Dave Caldwell era in Week 16. Okay. The next week they didn’t exactly lose the game (that’s squarely on Todd Wash and his soft prevent defense when they went up by two scores) but they didn’t exactly win it either. So, whatever.

But belief in Blake Bortles? BREAKING! When you tell a general manager who drafted a bad quarterback that you still have belief in said bad quarterback, it helps you land a coaching job.

Again, Marrone isn’t a bad hire in a vacuum. But the process of it all — waiting until Week 16 to fire Gus Bradley, not letting Doug Marrone have more time leading this team, hiring a gotdamn search firm just to promote the interim head coach — leaves me with more questions than answers about this front office and ownership and their ability to lead an NFL franchise.