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Doug Marrone was Jags top choice, not fallback option

According to Michael Silver, the Jaguars top choice was Marrone.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing has become official yet, but from everything we’re seeing and hearing, it sounds like the Jaguars are planning on making Doug Marrone the head coach going forward. Because of the amount of candidates interviewed, and the fact that it feels like the Jags may have ‘settled’ on Marrone, many are wondering if the other candidates just simply weren't interested in the job. According to Michael Silver, though, that’s not the case.

Josh McDaniels? Mike Smith? Kyle Shanahan? Nah. We’ll keep the guy who has been part of one of the worst regimes in NFL history. It’s pretty incredible that the Jaguars had most, if not all, of the candidates they interviewed for the job interested in taking it...and yet they opted to just stick with Marrone. The reaction to this move has not been great, especially considering most people viewed this as one of the strongest head coaching candidate pools in recent years.

This move doesn't help to really answer any questions, it actually creates more. If all seven guys are interested in the job, is keeping the guy you already had on staff the best choice? Why didn't Marrone get more time as interim if he was such a great candidate? Did you not realize what you had in him, and a four hour interview changed your perspective completely? What made him stand out compared to those other candidates, who in most NFL circles, are considered better hires?

Hopefully, the Jaguars will be lifting their self-imposed gag order soon, so we can start trying to get some answers to these questions.