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8 Jaguars players responsible for 23-20 loss to Jets

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jet Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the New York Jets in overtime 23-20 in the dumbest football game I have ever watched. There’s a lot of blame to go around, but who bears more of the burden for losing today when this team should have won?

1. Marqise Lee

We’ll start with the only guy who has put the loss squarely on his shoulders.

A dropped routine pass on the second drive of overtime to put the Jaguars into field goal range makes Lee the brightest scapegoat from Sunday. I feel bad for Lee, but his disaster of a punt return put the offense’s backs against the wall late in the game.

2. Arrelious Benn

Blake Bortles connected with Leonard Fournette for the game-winning touchdown with less than two minutes to go, but a needless holding penalty away from the runner negated the score and turned seven points into three.

3. Blake Bortles

A trash can of a performance. Under 200 yards? Check. Under 50 percent completion percentage? Check. A near pick-six batted at the line? Check!

4. A.J. Cann


5. Nathaniel Hackett

You’re at the goal line and you need a touchdown, what do you do? Throw three times in a row, of course!

6. Tyrone Wheatley

CBS announcers said it’s Wheatley’s responsibility of which running backs are in the game and when. And our running backs coach decided to sit the No. 4 overall pick on pivotal third downs throughout the game. No.

7. Paul Posluszny

The only reason this guy is on the team is because of “veteran leadership” or some other worthless coach speak and he commits a personal foul at the end of overtime to put the Jets in game-winning field goal range.

8. Me

Kill me.