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2017 NFL Week 6 DFS advice: The Jaguars are #ActuallyGood in fantasy football!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

What if I told you, the Jacksonville Jaguars are #ActuallyGood at fantasy football.

No, really.

You guys, this isn’t a joke.

The Jaguars have legitimate fantasy football stars who are must-starts every week.

Leonard Fournette is currently the third highest-scoring non-quarterback fantasy player in the NFL. Not just third highest-scoring running back, but the third overall highest scoring non-quarterback in fantasy football!

Some would say that’s #ActuallyGood.

On the other side of the ball, the highest scoring fantasy defense in all of fantasy football is… you guessed it, your Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sacksonville, Pick-Sixsonville, Savage Squad… call them whatever you want, this defense is not only considered one of the top defensive units in the NFL, but from a fantasy perspective, have outscored the next closest defense by nearly 20 points!

To put this in perspective, assuming you may also play in a 12-team redraft league, the Jaguars D/ST has outscored the 12th-highest scoring defense by 42 points. Think about the statistical advantage you’ve had every week if you’ve been using the Jaguars as your defensive unit, as I may have been recommending every week.

Just saying.

Outside of these two obvious plays, Allen Hurns this season has outscored the likes of Julio Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Kelvin Benjamin, Demaryius Thomas, DeSean Jackson, and Sammy Watkins.

You guys… the Jaguars are #ActuallyGood at fantasy football and that is going to make setting our weekly Jaguars based DFS team #ActuallyEasy.

As you know, every week I will help you build the best DFS Jaguars based team so you can not only root for the Jaguars as a whole, but also your favorite players.

As always, my lineup consists of a lot of value Jaguars plays, as well as guys I think are great overall DFS values. This roster is consisted of a $50,000 salary cap and configured by Draft Kings salary prices:

QB: Blake Bortles - $4,600

You know what… forget you guys. I don’t care. I’m ride or die with Blake this week. Why? Because his fantasy cost is literally less than Chase Daniels, Matt Cassel, and Patrick Mahomes II. Seriously. They all cost more than Blake.

*insert crying laughter emoji*

Look, here’s all I know. Blake threw for four touchdowns once this season. Meaning, it could happen again. I’ll take the chance for pennies in my DFS lineup.

RB1: Leonard Fournette - $8,000

Thank the Maker we got Blake so cheap because Leonard is costing us $8,000! But who cares? Like I already mentioned, this man among boys is the third-highest scoring non-quarterback in fantasy football and there is zero chance I’m not starting him.

And as a bonus, the Rams are 31st against the run from a fantasy scoring perspective.

RB2: Chris Thompson - $5,000

Calling my shot here, people. Fun fact: Chris Thompson is the ninth-highest scoring running back in fantasy football. This week he’s playing the 32nd-worst run defense verses fantasy running backs in the 49ers. Prior to the bye week, he had scored a touchdown and had double digit fantasy points in all but one game on the year.

For this price… I’m plugging him in and spending big on my wide receivers this week.

WR1: Antonio Brown - $9,300

Despite the Jaguars absolutely embarrassing the Steelers last week, their lone bright spot was Antonio Brown who snagged 10 of 19 targets for 157 yards. He’s currently the highest scoring fantasy wide receiver in fantasy football despite only catching one touchdown so far this year. Once the touchdowns come (which they will) you’ll want to make sure he’s in your lineup as the statistical advantage will be a great one over all other wideouts.

WR2: Keenan Allen - $7,900

Hey, do you know who had 12 targets last week? Keenan Allen. He’s seen double digit targets in all but one game and has multiple 100-yard games this year as well. He’s a top tier PPR option and I fully expect him to continue the trend of opportunity vs the Raiders this week.

WR3: Allen Hurns - $4,300

I don’t care what you think. I already told you about Hurns and who he’s outscored so far this year. I said Blake is due for a good week and here’s who will benefit.

TE: Marcedes Lewis - $2,800

Marcedes scores this week. Watch. Don’t @ me.

FLEX: Alvin Kamara - $4,500

Adrian Peterson was just traded to Arizona and Kamara was already averaging over 13 fantasy points per week. Now with a slight increase in touches, I fully expect Kamara to be the lead fantasy scoring back in the Saints offense going forward for the rest of the year. He’s pennies on the dollar at only $4,500 and I’m willing to roll the dice on the upside.

DST: Jaguars - $3,600

What more can be said that I already didn’t say? Best defense in the league. Swagsonville? That’s my vote.

There you have it. My ultimate Jaguars-based DFS team for Week 6.

The Jaguars are #ActuallyGood. If you can’t see that, well, maybe your eyes are #ActuallyBad.

See you next week!