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Welcome to Duval shirt now available

Is there a better blend of old and new Jaguars than waving on a hit?

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On Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette did something we haven’t really seen, at least from what can recall, ever. At least from a Jaguars player. Fournette INVITED the Steelers safety to meet him in the open field and try to tackle him.

The “Welcome to Duval, prepare to be hit” shirt celebrates the iconic moment from Fournette with a blend of a fan favorite old saying. Remember on Monday Night Football when Mike Peterson uttered the famous line, and then the team went on to beat up on the Steelers on national television?

The shirts are $24 ($25 for XL and $26 for XXL). The link is below:

Get your t-shirt here!