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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Eli Manning doesn’t want to play anywhere else

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Eli Manning doesn’t want to play anywhere else in the NFL -
Eli Manning orchestrated a trade that brought him to the Giants when he was entering the NFL in 2004 and he’s not looking to orchestrate a trade that takes him elsewhere now that he’s nearing the end of his career on a terrible Giants team.

Todd Wash opens up about Jacksonville Jaguars defense that brings out the best in players -
Despite being a holdover from the former regime, Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash has brought a new feel to his side of the ball this season.

The Jaguars' defense leads the league with 15 takeaways after failing to produce turnovers during the previous four years. The unit also leads the league with 20 sacks after failing to consistently get to the quarterback in the previous two campaigns.

Welcome to Duval t-shirt now available for purchase -
On Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back Leonard Fournette did something we haven’t really seen, at least from what can recall, ever. At least from a Jaguars player. Fournette INVITED the Steelers safety to meet him in the open field and try to tackle him.

Leonard Fournette clocked at over 22 miles per hour on 90-yard run -
Everyone knew Leonard Fournette wouldn't have much trouble running through potential tacklers, but he has now shown he can outrun them, too.

The NFL says the Jacksonville Jaguars' rookie running back reached a top speed of 22.05 mph during his 90-yard touchdown run against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday. The NFL said it's the fastest any ball carrier has run this season.