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Donald Trump the ‘Great Divider’ says Shad Khan

Despite donating to his inauguration, Jaguars owner Shad Khan has had plenty of criticism for President Donald Trump.

NFL: International Series-Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, have been embroiled in a weird battle about protests for a few weeks and each time it feels like it’s going to die down, something happens to bring it to head once again. The Jacksonville Jaguars were the first NFL team to play following Trump’s comments referring to NFL players as “sons of bitches,” and the team locked arms for the anthem, including owner Shad Khan, while some players took a knee.

Khan spoke a bit about the situation after it happened and why he decided to be on the field with his players, but on Thursday Khan had some pointed remarks about the situation at an executive conference in Chicago.

"You have to give Trump credit, people are confused on the First Amendment versus patriotism, that if you exercise your First Amendment you're not a patriot, which is crazy,” Khan said at the Crain’s Who’s Who of Chicago Business on Thursday. “People are confused on it, (Trump) knew he could hit on it and take advantage. I think what we're seeing is the great divider overcoming the great uniter."

"A lot of the stuff like football (that) Trump does is highly calculated—he looks for issues that you can touch and it will blow people up."

It’s well known that Khan donated $1 million to President Trump’s inauguration, but it appears as things have progressed Khan has been more outspoken against some of the things the President has been doing and saying.