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Monday morning quarterback: Jaguars fan reactions from Week 6

Have something you want to get off of your chest regarding the Jaguars? Submit your fan rant every week!

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jaguars have yet to secure a win at Everbank Field this year, despite being in first place in the AFC South through Week 6. They lost to the Los Angeles Rams at home yesterday by a score of 27-17, behind sloppy quarterback play and several special teams’ disasters.

Considering all of this, there are certainly fan rants’ to be had, so it’s time for the Big Cat Country Monday Morning Quarterback.

After every Jaguars game, I will be accepting fan rants via Twitter or email to post in the MMQB every Monday morning. You can submit yours to, or over Direct Message on Twitter @zach_goodall. Be sure to keep your rant at least mildly appropriate (no F-bombs, for example).

“Can the Jaguars play all 16 games on the road/away from Jacksonville? They're embarrassing at home....speaking of embarrassing...the Jaguars put the ass in embarrassing. That is all.”


“Being a Jaguars fan is so difficult and frustrating. They break your heart a million times. I mean this is the best team we've had since 2010 but damn, why can't we just be good? I guess I should lower my standards and make 7-9 the goal.”


Blake Bortles is not good but you have to put the blame on special teams. There is no way Jason Myers should be with the team in Indy next week. Also... the read option is there for Bortles almost every time... try it once, LOL.”


“When I heard/saw people talking up Brad Nortman like crazy this week I just knew special teams might be off. Losing games because of special teams sucks but Leonard Fournette’s injury wasn't serious and our defense still looks tough as hell and clearly had that TD when it was obviously a fumble. Still in the lead, still a win or two above my expectations. Feelin’ good going into Indy and the bye week is on an even week! 9-7 go Jags.”


“Jesus. I'm not even going to snap like that but I swear to God if we lose to the Colts next week I will explode... I really can't bear to watch Bortles take another snap for this team... The run defense is something else man I just don’t get it. This team needs a receiver that is reliable on third down and your second running back shouldn't have more receptions then your damn receiver. Honestly at this point sign Colin Kaepernick and do whatever to him next year when you draft Mayfield (hopefully)... And for the love of Go if Jason Myers is on this team next week...”


“Man.. can you imagine what Leo [Fournette] could do if we had an average QB.. it’s hard to imagine him being better but man I think he would be even better.”