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6 Jaguars players responsible for 27-17 loss to Rams

NFL: Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars found another way to lose yesterday, this time thanks to special teams blunder after special teams blunder against the Los Angeles Rams. There’s a lot of blame to go around, but who stood out as most responsible for the Week 6 loss at home?

1. Joe DeCamillis

Allowing a touchdown on the opening kickoff is an issue of preparation and the Jaguars looked awful covering the kick. Pharoh Cooper took it 103 yards to put the Rams up 7-0 in a matter of seconds and it was a combination of terrible tackling, bad form, and no one staying in their lane.

Couple that with the punt blocked for a touchdown, Brad Nortman’s worst day as an NFL punter, and Jason Myers’ continued struggles on field goals and kickoffs and this is a low point for the usually brilliant DeCamillis.

2. Brad Nortman

He shanked not one but two punts and was directly responsible for 10 points the Rams scored — three on a bad punt that put the Rams in field goal range and seven on a blocked punt. A bad, bad day from the usually solid Nortman.

3. Corey Grant

He was beat badly on the punt block by Cory Littleton. Dude can’t let that happen going forward no matter how fast he runs the 40.

4. Jason Myers

Every day that Myers stays on this roster is a slap in the face to fans. His only saving grace was supposedly a strong leg to kick it out of the end zone and make long field goals. He’s done neither this year. Go get a veteran.

5. Marqise Lee

Drops continue to hamper Lee throughout the season and missing several catchable balls yesterday didn’t help. Yes, he had 100 total yards on the day but offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is trying to run the offense through Lee — he’s got to come away with more than five receptions on 10 targets.

6. Blake Bortles

Last but not least is Bortles. In addition to being directly responsible for several sacks, there were drives where the team was down by just one score and a sustained drive would get us there, but he couldn’t deliver. I saw goal line defenses in the middle of the field because the Rams were daring him to throw it and all he could do was dump it off to Chris Ivory or something. You should be able to pass against a defense with eight or nine guys in the box. Bortles can’t.

Honorable mention: The referees

Blowing the play dead on a clear defensive touchdown by Aaron Colvin. Why do we blow the whistle dead? Why not just let it play out and then rule?