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What one move should the Jaguars have made in the offseason?

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We’re nearly in the middle of the 2017 NFL season and we’re looking back at the offseason and wondering how things could have gone differently to help this team now — and there’s one obvious answer:

Sign a quarterback.

Blake Bortles ain’t it and yet we’ve seen free agents and backups provide sparks for their teams. And Old Man Tom Coughlin wouldn’t have even needed to compromise his principles of not signing players who know their Constitutional rights to upgrade the position.

Look at Josh McCown and his over 70 percent completion percentage. With an overachieving defense, he’s one bad call away from being 4-2 — and he was signed for only $6 million!

Or Jacoby Brissett who has been inconsistent at times but has picked up the playbook quicker than most and has provided a spark where a lesser quarterback would be 0-6 with that offensive line.

Why didn’t we give up some Day 3 draft picks for Brett Hundley or Matt Moore? Oh, because we really, really needed Dawuane Smoot and Blair Brown.

The point is, there were options outside of Colin Kaepernick that would have this team at 5-1. But instead, the incompetence and egomania of this front office prevented a move away from Bortles. And regardless of sneaking into the playoffs at the end of the year — that will be a stain on what could have been a magical season.