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Jaguars vs. Rams: Offense comes up short on the drive of the game

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars had multiple chances to pull this game to within a field goal, but none more close than the middle of the third quarter when momentum was swinging their way after a turnover forced by the defense and the ball at midfield.

A short field, a rested offense, and a Rams defense on its heels — but could Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles punch it in? Or would they settle for a field goal that would still leave them a touchdown away from tying it?

Let’s find out:

Play #1: 1st and 10 at JAX 48

Leonard Fournette is so, so good. His vision, his agility, his acceleration into the secondary hole — this is a six-yard gain that a lesser back would have lost yards on.

Play #2: 2nd and 4 at LAR 46

First down on a spin move! Drink!

Again, Fournette gets extra yards on a play that would have gone for a loss had this been T.J. Yeldon or something. So far, so good on this drive.

Play #3: 1st and 10 at LAR 42

Cam Robinson, Patrick Omameh, and a pulling A.J. Cann lead the way for Fournette who is starting to get a little gassed on this drive. He doesn’t have to do it all (finally!) but he still gets five yards on the ground.

Play #4: 2nd and 5 at LAR 37

Okay, so it took four plays but the Rams finally bottled Fournette up for a loss. Blake Bortles is gonna have to make a play...

Play #5: 3rd and 6 at LAR 38

...and he does! Marqise Lee is open short and uses his acceleration to get past the first down marker. It would have been a free play anyway with Robert Quinn lined up offsides.

Play #6: 1st and 10 at LAR 23

It’s a mess of a play that luckily Chris Ivory gets positive yards on. Tyler Shatley has got to stay on his feet.

Play #7: 2nd and 8 at LAR 21

The Jaguars obviously designed this to go to one of their tight ends crossing the field towards the right sideline. It’s a shame cornerback Trumaine Johnson doesn’t bite on the play action — that might have gone for six.

Play #8: 3rd and 6 at LAR 19

The receivers are covered and Aaron Donald beats left guard Patrick Omameh. There’s nothing else to really say.

A field goal is next but it only brings the Jaguars to within seven points — the closest they’d get to the Rams for the rest of the game. This offense won’t get near the opponent’s red zone often. When it does, it needs to have a high success rate of touchdowns and they just couldn’t get there when they needed it on this third quarter drive.