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Jaguars defense needs to contain Marlon Mack

The Colts offense isn’t very good, but Marlon Mack could be an area of concern.

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titan Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When the Jacksonville Jaguars match up with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, they’ll have a distinct advantage on the lines of scrimmage, especially the Jaguars defensive line against the Colts offensive line. While I expect the Jaguars to bully the Colts on the line of scrimmage, it does not mean the Colts offense does not present some problems the Jaguars have struggled with this season.

I’m probably higher on Jacoby Brissett than most, as he someone I suggested the Jaguars attempt to trade for as a backup/plan B at the position, but he’s not going to scare the Jaguars offense. He’s been a capable quarterback, keeping the Colts in games, but if he’s consistently under pressure he will turn the football over.

The big fear I have for the Jaguars headed into the game is rookie running back Marlon Mack. Mack only has 130 yards on 27 carries, but he does have multiple carries over 20 yards and with the injury to Robert Turbin, is likely to be more involved in the offense. The Colts still have Frank Gore, who even at his age is still productive, but Mack’s skill set presents something the Jaguars defense has had trouble dealing with this season.

Mack has an ability to hit cut back runs for long gains. He’s similar to Bilal Powell, who had a huge game against the Jaguars even outside of his 75-yard touchdown run. Powell was able to consistently churn out yards against the Jaguars defense because of his cut back ability and the Jaguars aggressiveness from their linebacker group.

As mentioned Mack is similar to Powell in his style, but he’s more explosive and can make more of over pursuit than Powell is going to.

While I think the Jaguars defensive line is going to control the line of scrimmage, when Mack is in the game the second level is going to need to be disciplined in their gaps and not aggressively over pursue.