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Seven GIFs: Baker Mayfield’s early Jaguars scouting report

Given the Jaguars lack of stability at quarterback, let’s continue observing at 2018 quarterbacks. Up next: Baker Mayfield.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles had a miserable game on Sunday against the Jets, going 15-35 for 140 yards, a touchdown, and an interception, as the Jaguars went on to lose 23-20 in overtime.

The early search for a new Jaguars quarterback continues with our third early QB scouting report. After analyzing Lamar Jackson’s and Mason Rudolph’s 2016 film and determining their strengths and weaknesses, let’s take a look at Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Remember, the way we’re doing these reports are going over seven GIFs from two games of each prospect’s 2016 season to sum up their strengths and weaknesses, as there is very little-to-no film up from 2017 yet. Following the film, we will go over the prospect’s 2016 production.

2016 film review

The 6-0, 220 lb Mayfield plays so much bigger than what his size suggests. The senior quarterback displays the ability to zip passes across the field at short and medium distances with placement issues on deep balls, but the arm power is there — Especially considering his size.

Here, Mayfield takes a three step drop in an empty gun and steps into a pass to his Z receiver, running a slant near the first down marker. Even with a little bit of pressure coming from behind, Mayfield remains poised and completes the throw. A simple pass, yes, but these simple routes are a large part of the Jaguars play book.

Mayfield’s escapability from a collapsing pocket and ability to still create a play through the air is special. The play design calls for a slight roll left on the run-pass option, but Mayfield senses pressure both from his left and up the middle, so he flips his hips, sets his feet, and zips a ball to his receiver outside on the right. First down.

Again, we see Mayfield roll out on an RPO, set his feet, and make a beautiful throw. His poise is evident while planting his feet with two rushers closing in on him, and he hits his receiver beautifully in the middle of the field. Keeping calm under pressure here led to an easy score for Mayfield and the Sooners.

This pass comes up a little short — temporarily leaving a touchdown off the board — from Myafield after he didn’t dedicate himself to his instincts. He set his feet and was ready to fire to the same route, but delayed his release due to the coverage. Mayfield decided to follow through on the pass, but being his release was late and out of sync with his plant. However, I’m only nitpicking, and this pass was completed for about 35 yards.

Mayfield is hit or miss on deep balls, but he struggles more outside than inside. Here, he totally misplaces the deep pass to the sideline, but on this next play...

...Mayfield scans his three options to the right and hits Dede Westbrook on a deep skinny post for a touchdown. Mayfield can hit deep passes, he just needs to get his placement adjusted on the outside.

This is my favorite Baker Mayfield play ever. Sure, it’s only a four yard read-option score from the QB, but he displays his toughness and grit by spinning out of a hit and puts his own hit stick on the defender on the goal-line, before literally pushing the defender off of him and starting him down. I’m in love.

Stat lines

In his first two seasons as Oklahoma’s starter, Mayfield has completed 523 of his 753 (69.4%) of his passes for 7665 yards, and a TD:INT ratio of 76:15. That’s just over five touchdowns for every one interception. During those two seasons, Mayfield has also rushed 219 times for 582 yards and 13 touchdowns. He isn’t a long-run threat by any means, but as seen by the GIF above, he’s a tough runner, especially for his size.

So far in 2017, Mayfield has yet to throw an interception through four games. He stands at 76/101 for 1329 yards and 13 TDs. I look forward to checking out his 2017 film as more becomes available, but from all accounts, Mayfield’s draft stock is rising.