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Monday morning quarterback: Jaguars fan reactions from Week 4

Have something you want to get off of your chest regarding the Jaguars? Submit your fan rant every week!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

After a heartbreaking 23-20 loss to the New York Jets in Week 4, it’s time we kick off a “Monday Morning Quarterback” here at

If you don’t know what a Monday Morning Quarterback is, here’s the Google definition:

After every Jaguars game, I will be accepting fan rants via Twitter or email to post in an article on every Monday morning. You can submit yours to, or over Direct Message on Twitter @zach_goodall. Be sure to keep your rant at least mildly appropriate (no F-bombs, for example).

Let’s get to the MMQB!

Blake Bortles gives this fan base so much depression. He's had so many balls batted down it's like he's playing basketball. He is so bad at his job yet he gets paid millions and the organization doesn't blame him. Calais Campbell should take him in the locker room and yell at him until he sh**s his pants.

-@asfoura_nofal on Twitter

Please. Please explain to me why we had the ball on the Jets’ 6 yard line and PASSED the ball. WE DRAFTED A TANK OF A HUMAN BEING FOR THAT REASON! It’s Blake Bortles. You don’t pass on the 6 with Blake. My gosh. I’m disgusted.

-@enoone55 on Twitter

Here's the thing. Both the God-awful offensive coordinator and the God-awful defensive coordinator were retained under Marrone. I won't understand why we won't gamble on a QB, this team hasn't done anything because it's almost the same roster as last year’s. All of our rivals are basking in success with young QBs and we are stuck with a 5th year QB who is making rookie mistakes, it's awful. I don't know who is in charge of moves but it's God-awful. Whoever wanted to pick up Blake’s option should be gone.

-@_boog1 on Twitter

First of all, this offense is terrible without Allen Robinson... Receivers cannot get open and can’t make plays. Also doesn’t help that they can’t catch a sh***y throw from Bortles. Honestly the coaches are really pissing me off by not putting Fournette in more. I understand he isn’t superhuman but in a tough game situation he is your best player on the field. I'm also about to die if I witness Blake stare down another receiver and his pass get batted down. Also, Jason Myers sucks. I seriously don’t understand how he has a job after sucking at it for years... Must be nice to have that kind of leash. Honestly after teams see how Bortles played they're going to kill us. I try so hard to believe in this team but when they pull s**t like that its just hard to support them... After this season it must be a priority to re-sign A-Rob, and it also needs to be a priority to strengthen the offensive line and get a QB (Baker Mayfield). Also, having a threat at TE would be great to have. Marcedes last week was a one week wonder to be honest.

-@Brandon3hunda on Twitter

It seems like our team has gone from completely unwilling to adjust gameplans to semi -willing in that if we win, great, let’s keep trying that. But if we lose, oh s**t we need to make changes. But only if we lose. Not “Oh something's not working in game, we need to adjust”. All the mid-drive changes seem to be too cutesy. Fournette is gashing the D, let's sub Grant in and throw to him in the flat. Or to beat a dead horse, throwing 3x inside the 10 with the game on the line and Fournette on the sideline. Also, why are they trying to make Bortles a pocket passer? I saw maybe 2 or 3 designed roll outs.

-@Thick2Stick on Twitter

We're gonna be 2-3 after next week, same as we were after 5 games last year ._.

-@GloryRevelation on Twitter

I’m not going to lie, reading these reactions have dramatically helped me feel better after the Jaguars loss to the Jets yesterday. Hopefully they do the same for you.