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2017 NFL Week 7 DFS advice: Fantasy. Ivory. Living in perfect harmony.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There is a running back in the NFL averaging 4.1 yards per carry, has 21 passing targets with 16 receptions, and scored 22 fantasy points last week.

His name is Chris Ivory.

Despite the breakout performance of 2017 Rookie of the Year and future Hall of Fame ruunning back Leonard Fournette (too much?) the Jacksonville Jaguars have been determined to provide Ivory with an average of 10 touches per game.

With Fournette not practicing this week, despite saying he’s playing on Sunday, I fully expect Ivory’s role with the team verses the Indianapolis Colts to expand this week and I, for one, am here for it.

The Colts defense is currently 29th against running backs this year. As a matter of fact, last week, Tennessee Titans running backs racked up a season-high 39 fantasy points against this Colts defense.

Am I hoping that Fournette suits up and takes advantage of this matchup? Of course, I am. But remember… this is a fantasy football column. From a fantasy perspective, it would be #ActuallyGood if Chris Ivory takes most of the carries this week due to his very low DFS price.

That said, let’s get to it.

Last week, we had some big hits and some big misses. Here’s how we did:

Blake Bortles – 14 Points (Miss)

Leonard Fournette – 21 Points (Hit)

Chris Thompson – 17 Points (Hit)

Antonio Brown – 29 Points (Hit)

Keenan Allen – 9 Points (Miss)

Allen Hurns – 6 Points (Miss)

Marcedes Lewis – 0 Points (Kill me)

Alvin Kamara – 11 Points (I’ll take it)

Jaguars D/ST – 7 Points (Seriously?)

Total – 114 Points

Okay, so maybe the Jaguars players we picked didn’t totally deliver. You now what? I don’t care. You know why? It was an odd week. And you know what that means… it’s an even week this week. Jaguars are winning and winning big. It’s science. Let’s do this.

As you know, every week I will help you build the best DFS Jaguars based team so you can not only root for the Jaguars as a whole, but also your favorite players.

As always, my lineup consists of a lot of value Jaguars players, as well as guys I think are great overall DFS values. This roster consists of a $50,000 salary cap and configured by Draft Kings salary prices:

QB: Blake Bortles - $4,700

Fun fact: Andrew Luck, who is currently ruled OUT for this week’s game, is currently priced at $5,500 on Draft Kings. Bortles is literally less expensive to put in your lineup than a guy who isn’t even playing this week. What does that tell you? Tells me, I’m getting a good deal!

(Disclaimer: Don’t listen to me. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Blake… you’re killing me.)

Let’s move on to running backs.

RB1: Leonard Fournette - $8,600

Look, all I know is he says he’s playing. And you know what? That’s all I need to know. If he says it, I believe it. He’s the chosen one. You don’t question the chosen one. Could come back to bite my lineup in the rear, but I don’t care. I have faith. We all just need a little faith every now and again.

RB2: Chris Ivory - $4,800

You know, just in case Fournette doesn’t play, let’s make sure we have Ivory in our lineup. Even if they both play, remember how I told you last week the Colts gave up 39 points to Tennessee running backs? Not to mention, Ivory and Fournette both scored over 20 points last week. Let’s hope for a repeat.

WR1: Julio Jones - $8,500

Julio Jones’ season hasn’t gone exactly the way we all thought it would so far this year. The lack of involvement in the offense when his team reaches the red zone is something his own coach Dan Quinn can’t seem to wrap his head around. That said, Quinn specifically mentioned it as a focus for this week. Even though he’s averaging a little over 100 yards per week receiving, this week could be the break out game turning point for Jones as they’re up against the Patriots who have allowed a 300-yard passer in every game this year, an NFL record.

Here’s hoping Julio takes full advantage.

WR2: Bennie Fowler III - $3,300

Wait, who? Beenie Fowler III? Made up name. Just kidding. Fowler is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos who will be replacing the injured Emmanual Sanders in the starting lineup this week verses the Chargers. Last week, upon entering the game, Fowler racked up 8 targets in limited action and should see a nice share of the volume against a defense that is 23rd against fantasy wide receivers.

In addition, Fowler caught two touchdowns in their Week 1 matchup against this same Chargers defense. This is my sleeper of the week.

WR3: Marqise Lee - $4,300

Five receptions for 83 yards last week and continues to lead the team in targets. This is a Jaguars-based DFS lineup column people. I can’t do this without starting some Jaguars players. Sheesh.

TE: Rob Gronkowski - $7,300

Marcedes is dead to me… until he scores again. In the meantime, I shouldn’t have to explain why you want Gronk in your lineup.

FLEX: Frank Gore - $4,100

Here’s the deal — the Jaguars haven’t been #ActuallyGood against fantasy running backs. They currently rank 23rd. So far, any running back I’ve suggested you play against this team has actually scored double-digit fantasy points.

I’m going to go with history here and say, despite the Jaguars winning this game big, Gore is the only member of the Colts offense who will actually have limited fantasy success and thus be a good deal from a DFS perspective.

DST: Jaguars - $3,600

Best defense in the league on even weeks. Scientifically proven. Scholars will write papers about this one day and our children’s children will hear tales of it while eating Dippin Dots on the moon. That is the ice cream of the future, right? Or was that just when I was a kid?

So, there you have it. My ultimate Jaguars-based DFS team for Week 7.

Paul and Stevie were right: “Fantasy and Ivory. Live together in perfect harmony.”

That is how the song went, right?

See you next week!