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Monday morning quarterback: Jaguars fan reactions from Week 7

Have something you want to get off of your chest regarding the Jaguars? Submit your fan rant every week!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars handily defeated their divisional opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, by a score of 27-0 yesterday. With the defense accumulating 10 sacks for the second time this season, as well as the offense performing very well (518 total yards) without star running back Leonard Fournette, this team enters the bye week with a winning record, something we haven’t experienced in a long, long time.

In celebration of the big win, it’s time for the Monday Morning Quarterback!

After every Jaguars game, I will be accepting fan rants via Twitter or email to post in the MMQB every Monday morning. You can submit yours to, or over Direct Message on Twitter @zach_goodall. Be sure to keep your rant at least mildly appropriate (no F-bombs, for example).



“God dammit... Who needs Mayfield or Jackson when you got Blake Bortles?”


“I'm salty the defense didn’t get a turnover.”


“I feel like I should pick against the Jags every game. On the ones they win, they defy expectations (Linder out, Fournette out, Robinson leaving early) but on the ones like the Jets game and the Rams game they find ways to bungle it. Good win, being 4-3 feels good. Would love to see some consistency. Oh, and great job Blake.”


“Blake Bortles plays like that every week and we won’t lose again, I’ll tell you that.”