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Jaguars have the third best odds to win AFC South?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has a new set of odds out after seven weeks of the season, revising a lot of their pre-season odds, including odds for the Super Bowl and AFC South. The Jaguars odds to win the AFC South weren’t very high to begin with, but even after starting out 4-3 and destroying two divisional opponents they still only have the third best odds in the division. As for Super Bowl odds the Jaguars have climbed dramatically from being one of the worst in the league to about middle of the pack.

Here is what the updated odds look like heading into Week 8...

Super Bowl odds: 50/1

The Jaguars are now at about the middle of the pack with their odds to win the Super Bowl, tired with the Buffalo Bills and just a notch below the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans. The favorites right now are of course the New England Patriots at 13/4 with the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers behind them at 7/1 and 15/2, respectively. The Jaguars odds did improve from 75/1 the previous week, though.

AFC title odds: 16/1

It seems weird, but the Jaguars have significantly higher odds to win the AFC title than win the Super Bowl, with the fourth best odds in the conference. The only teams in front of them are the Patriots, Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs in that order. The good thing is they’ve already beat one of those teams and both the Titans and Texans have lower odds of winning the conference.

AFC South odds: 2/1

You’re probably asking how in the world the Jaguars have the third best odds to win the AFC South with the fourth best odds to win the AFC. Well, the fact is the AFC South as far as Vegas is concerned, is as close as you can get. The difference in the odds between the Titans (3/2), Texans (7/4) and Jaguars is minimal. The only team essentially ruled out of the race are the Colts, sitting at 50/1.