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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: How do the Steelers view this team?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

5 things to know about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ next opponent -
How does the opposing team view the Jacksonville Jaguars? The Pittsburgh Steelers will play host on Sunday at Heinz Field and here are five things to know about the AFC South team coming off a heart-breaking overtime loss in New York.

Jacksonville Jaguars open as 9-point underdogs to the Pittsburgh Steelers -
Coming off a disappointing loss on the road to the New York Jets in overtime, the Jacksonville Jaguars head right back out this Sunday to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. This will, effectively (they played “home” game in another country...), be the team’s third road game in a row. It’s no surprise that the Jaguars are underdogs with Vegas, but the surprise is how much they were.

Jacksonville Jaguars don’t know which Blake Bortles will show up on Sunday -
The Jacksonville Jaguars have no idea which version of quarterback Blake Bortles will take the field each week.

Will it be Good Bortles, who has five touchdown passes and no interceptions in two Jacksonville victories? Or will it be Bad Bortles, who has four turnovers and only two touchdown passes in two losses?