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Big Cat Country Q&A: If we beat the Chargers, is there another loss on our schedule?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers!

Nick from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you think the Jaguars will still heavily rely on Leonard Fournette even though Blake Bortles has been playing well?

A: Absolutely! The biggest reason Bortles is playing so well is because this team is relying on the run. If they moved away from that, both facets of the offense would crumble.

Josh from Jacksonville, FL

Q: While our secondary has excelled at covering down the field, I think the one area we may be susceptible is short crossing routes with quick receivers, which is something the Chargers do well. Do you expect to see us go more towards a zone to limit yards-after-catch, or stick with man coverage?

A: First, if you’re thinking of last year’s Chargers game and projecting what we’ll do this year, fear not! Gus Bradley is gone and Paul Posluszny will not be lined up on receivers one-on-one. Second, the linebackers are an incredibly underrated unit and Aaron Colvin has been improving week-to-week out of the slot. While your concern is warranted, I think you’ll see a better Jaguars team than in years past when it comes to shallow crosses from the Chargers.

Tim from Peoria, IL

Q: Will Dede Westbrook finally make his NFL debut, and whatever happened with Jaelen Strong? Will he ever be activated?

A: Yes, he’s a jar on the shelf, and probably not this season.

Brandon from Ocala, FL

Q: If Blake keeps playing the way he has do we still make addressing quarterback in the offseason a priority? Or do we look to pick up a mid-round quarterback in the draft?

A: If Blake finishes this season with the arrow pointing up, his fifth-year option gets picked up but I still think we sign a veteran and draft a guy before the end of the third round.

Kyle from Boston, MA

Q: Can Blake Bortles be salvaged as an NFL quarterback?

A: *whispers* I... I think that process has already begun.

Jason from Austin, TX

Q: Philip Rivers always owns us. Will he own us on Sunday?

A: Nope.

Jalen from Babylon, NY

Q: How many yards will Fournette have? And also is there any chance we go on a four-game winning streak after the Chargers?

A: Let me put it this way — I think we end the day with more rushing yards than passing yards. And if we beat the Chargers, I don’t think we’ll lose again in the regular season. The only other game on the schedule that gives me pause is the Tennessee Titans and if nothing is on the line then we’ll lose because we rested our starters. But with a top-heavy AFC that could be the difference between a No. 2 or a No. 4 seed.

Kent from Washington D.C.

Q: The Jaguars drafted for defensive line depth in the third round with Dawuane Smoot instead of an offensive lineman with Dan Feeney still on the board. Any regrets?

A: This offensive line is paving the way for the league’s top rushing attack and is on pace for allowing the fewest sacks in franchise history. Feeney will be a good player when we need a guard next year, but as for this year? I’m happy with the guys we have.

Maguire from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What do you expect from Leonard Fournette coming off a three-week layoff?

A: The NFL rushing record for a single game.